Today we have released a public installer for XSharp Cahors 2.12.

The what's new document describing all the changes can be found here:

XSharp 2.12.2 what's new
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The public installer can be downloaded here.

{rsfiles path="installers/"}

We have also updated the installer for the FOX version of 2.12.

{rsfiles path="fox/Compiler/"}

We have made the following changes in this installer (these changes are also included in the public version)

  • Restored support for VS 2022, versions 17.0 and 17.1
  • Fixed an issue in the VS integration that would cause problems with TFS
  • The runtime help for functions and methods with CLIPPER calling convention (such as the Str() function) has been updated.

If you have downloaded before and you do not use VS 2022 version 17.0 or 17.1 and you do not use TFS then you do not need to download this update, unless you want to get the updated help file.

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